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Green Care training in Finland

A message and call from the ESF-funded SENNI project (2011-2013) in Finland:

SENNI is an enterpreneurship and product development project utilising Green Care methodology funded by the European Social Fund (ESF). The project commenced on 1.9.2011 and involves the University of Eastern Finland and two Muncipal Federations of Education. In SENNI we offer training to social and health care professionals that would like to utilize animals, nature, gardens and rural enviroments in their daily work, to improve the quality of life and ability to function of their patients. The training is firmly based on rehabilitation through Green Care. In addition, the training focuses on animal assisted operations and highlights animal welfare, trainability, breed and species characteristics. SENNI also focuses on the conservation of native breeds and biodiversity of traditional rural environments, through Green Care operations.

Expertise of Department of Biology at the University of Eastern Finland is utilized in the SENNI project. Green Care services are developed and packaged into together with participants in the training sessions. The target group of the project are 16-25 year old young people who are at risk of segregation and over 65 year old elderly folk in home care. We hope to create Green Care service, especially for the elderly, that can be taken to their home or use their own green plans or pets in order to maintain their ability to function.

The basis for SENNI was that Green Care services can be used easily and successfully as part of existing social and health care services. SENNI is also seeking “sister farms and projects” in Europe for the duration of the project, which extends to the end of 2013. The idea is to engage in extensive exchange of ideas and modes of operation.

Please contact Project Research Ulla Miettinen (ulla.miettinen@uef.fi) for inquiries and information about sister farms and projects. For futher information about SENNI, please see the website: www.uef.fi/senni


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